Q: Do you offer Door to Door Delivery?

A.Yes, we offer door to door delivery. Visit SERVICES

Q.How much to ship a barrel, deliver and clear

A. Ship/Clear/Deliver starting from $175 and up. Visit RATES 

Q. Do you ship TV?

A.Yes. We ship all sizes. Prices vary starting from $175. Visit RATES

Q. Do you ship containers?

A.Yes. We ship all sizes. Please request a call. Visit Rates

Q: How soon can I receive my items in Jamaica?

A. Typically 7-10 Days

Q: Is there an home office in Jamaica?

A. No. Coming Soon

Q: Whats the charge for local/broward pickup?

A. Prices vary based on pickup location

Q: Do you ship phones, car parts, studio equipments and tv?

A. Yes. Visit Rates>Online Shoppers